Change the world - read to a child
Doozybird Publishing
A book of original 'Nonsense Rhymes'
 that children will love to hear and read.
 Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll popularized this
 style in the 19th century, and others have 
continued it up to the present day. 
Silly Rhymes for Boys & Girls is sure to get a giggle out 
of the young ones and those that are young at heart.

ISBN 978-1-7331853-3-2 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-7331853-4-9 (Hardback)

ISBN 978-1-7331853-5-6 (ebook)

Library of Congress #: 2020931686

Paperback is available on Amazon. Kindle and Hardback will be available soon.
A story about a turtle who
 did not realize how special he was.

Rather than embracing his own uniqueness,
 he wanted to be like his friends.

But through a series of adventures,
 he discovered just how special he really was.

ISBN 978-1-7331853-0-1 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-7331853-1-8 (Hardback)

ISBN 978-1-7331853-2-5 (ebook)

Library of Congress # : 2019943741
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