Change the world - read to a child

Hi there – thanks for stopping by.
Doozybird Publishing is a small self-publishing company that publishes books that I (Craig Jones) write. My first two books were children’s books, and the last two books are about gratitude, and they are directed toward adults. The first gratitude book is called The Gratitude List: 777 Reasons to be Grateful. It is geared toward helping develop a good sense and practice of gratitude and reap the benefits of it. The second one is It’s Getting Better All the Time: A Daily Gratitude Journal. This year-long journal allows you to write things you are grateful for and things you did well each day.

I love creating stories for children. It’s thrilling for me, a former red-haired, freckled-faced little boy, to grow up and write children’s books and have them available worldwide for other children to hear and read. I have been very blessed by the feedback I have received on both children’s books I have written.

There are several books on the proverbial ‘back burner,’ including a Christian-themed prayer journal and a giant book of Sudoku puzzles for adults. Others in the works are a giant book of Word Search puzzles for adults and children’s versions of Sudoku puzzles and Word Search puzzles.

As you can see on the left, I really was a red-haired, freckled face little boy. I’m older now. The red hair is mostly gray but some of the freckles remain.

There I am on the right in a somewhat more recent photo. I may be older in years, but I’m still young at heart, and I still have plenty of fun and silliness left.

Remember, it’s the first 60 years of childhood that are the toughest.

I look forward to publishing some fun puzzle books for both adults and kids so stay tuned – it’s getting better all the time.